Annie's Shadow

Annie's Shadow

Joseph and Annie George ran the inn around the 1800s and they managed to blackmail the landlord, Dionysius Williams, a wealthy farmer, into letting them live there rent free, due to their knowledge of his smuggling business.

Joseph George also happened to be Williams' smuggling agent. Williams eventually decided to remove them from the inn, which infuriated Annie, who then turned King's evidence against Williams and he was served with a long term of imprisonment. She did not stop there and her enemies increased as she turned on others, including Christopher Pollard of Madron, who was found not guilty, the Vingoe family and Joseph's brother, John George, after a row over a tobacco deal. He is said to have been convicted and hanged for this.

The villagers had their revenge on Annie for turning against them. To punish her, they staked her out on the beach at low tide, and as the water rose and the fishing nets pulled her down, Annie drew her last breath. They laid her body to rest in her bedroom before she was then buried in an unmarked grave, in the cemetery, next to the pub.

She still has her own room at the Inn and she doesn't like anyone else to sleep in it. This has been made clear over the years with new landlords and their pets. Stories of dreams of drowning and being covered in fishing nets are common with people who have stayed in her room and cats have been found shut in wardrobes and drawers. Some have seen a lady on the landing, others have felt something touch their hair or a sudden chill.

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