Thirst & Last

Back in the 17th Century, for the majority of the population at least, food was basic and boring like bread, cheese and onions. Pottage was also an almost daily part of the diet – a stew that was prepared by boiling grain in water to make a kind of porridge (if you could obtain it you might add some meat or vegetables).

Thankfully times have moved on and so too have our menus. If pottage is your thing then we can accommodate your tastes with a little warning, but all of our present day food and beverage menus have been crafted with a more upmarket palate in mind.

As proud members of the CAMRA LocAle initiative, we’re proactive in supporting local Cornish brewers and ensure that we always have at least one locally brewed ale on sale at all times.

Below are a selection of sample dishes from previous and current menus. The offering at The First & Last Inn can be subject to change throughout different times of the year.


First and Last Inn Food Menu
First and Last Inn Food Menu
First and Last Inn Food Menu