Sennen Cove

This popular cove is tucked around the corner from the First & Last Inn and boasts one of the finest stretches of sand in Cornwall;  a large crescent that faces out onto the Atlantic Ocean, so it experiences the full force of the Atlantic swell, making Whitesands Bay a popular spot for surfers.

There is a well equipped lifeguard service in operation during the main holiday season when it is generally safe to swim and, at the western edge of the beach, sheltering in the lee of the Pedn-men-du headland, is the village and small harbour.

Sennen beach is a mile of fine sand stretching around to neighbouring Gwenver beach so that, even on the busiest day in summer, it is possible to find the ideal spot. A short distance along the beach, there is a shallow valley with a small stream running down to the sea. Sand dunes and marram grass offer shelter and it is generally a little quieter on the far side of the stream.

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